CJ Walker

Sanford, FL
6' 8"
School Team
Travel Team
HoopSeen Rankings


Dayton, Ohio - Thirty seven teams from all over the country came to Dayton Ohio for this years nationally ranked event, Flying to the Hoop.

There wasn't a more impressive riser from the travel season than 2019 forward C.J. Walker.

The 2018 Best of the South was loaded with talent. Meet the 17U All Tournament team.

The 2018 Best of the South was loaded with talented players and teams.

The 2017 Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions is in the books and field was deep with talent. Our staff watched hundreds of players and made sure we saw every team in the 17U and division.

CJ Walker has been one of the most impressive players so far here at the 2017 Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions.

CJ Walker begins his ascent as UCF, Louisville, and Iowa State dish out offers.
Michael DeVoe leads the group of standouts from the our time spent at the E1T1 Nike Premier Exposure Camp.

Saturday at the Atlanta Jam brought another day of good basketball. I spent the majority of my time at off-site gyms searching for under-the-radar guys and underclassmen.