About HoopSeen Association

THSAhe HoopSeen Association is an invitation-only platform for top independent teams to maximize exposure, competitiveness and opportunities to play other top independent teams from other regions of the country.  HoopSeen Association has an Eastern and Western division

HoopSeen Association teams will be part of the The Grassroots Basketball Association, an alliance between the top event operators in the industry to create the biggest possible platform for Independent teams.  As part of the GBA HoopSeen Association teams will compete against other conferences represented by NY2LA Association teams and HoopGroup Showcase League teams from the Northeast. 

HSA Events

Eastern Division

Atl-Jam Louisville BOTS Finale


Atlanta | April 8-10 Louisville | April 22-24 Atlanta | July 7-10 VA Beach |July 21-24

Western Division





Cactus All-In


Mesa, AZ | March 25-27 Phoenix | April 10-12 Mesa, AZ | Apr 29-May 1 Las Vegas | May 6-8

HSA East Programs

2022 Program Announcements Coming Soon




HSA West Programs

2022 Program Announcements Coming Soon

HSA Recruiting Database

For college coaches HSA is home to the best Independent teams in the country with rosters full of college prospects of all levels.  Not only are HoopSeen certified events some of the most attended evaluation events in the country but college coaches turn to our team of experts year round.  

College coaches interested in accessing our proprietary database of HSA players complete with event reports, depth charts, player skill sets and level projections can contact teams@hoopseen.com.   

recruiting database