Special News for June 2016

The Class of 2018 has officially completed their sophomore years in the state of Alabama.

The players in Georgia’s 2018 class have just finished the spring after their sophomore year, and the HoopSeen team has seen enough to debut the class rankings.

Throughout the entire Georgia Cup season, we saw the 17 and under division field change from week to week.

The 16 and under division was a competitive group this season on the Georgia Cup, paced by some terrific up and coming programs. 

The 15 and under division of the Georgia Cup circuit was stacked deep with quality teams and intriguing prospects. The age group was competitive throughout the season.

With the spring travel season behind us and after our staff had a chance to watch the top hoopers from the Palmetto State, we are ready to roll out our

The 14 and under division of the Georgia Cup was the deepest and most competitive bunch on the circuit in 2016.

The 13 and under division saw a nice wide variety of teams throughout the season but one team brought home the most gold at the end of the year. 

The 12 and under division of the Georgia Cup was a stellar group of teams this season on the circuit.

The Georgia Cup circuit is in the books for 2016 and the 11 and under division was very competitive. We had teams from all over the state get after it on the hardwood.

The 10 and under division of the Georgia Cup was a very good this season and heavy at the top. The age group was a battle every weekend out.

The 9 and under division of the Georgia Cup was a lot of fun to watch. Players got better, teams played hard and we had good balance in the age group throughout the circuit. 

As we are now officially in June and the spring travel season is now behind us, it is a great time to update our 2017 Alabama state rankings here at HoopSeen.com.

We’ll be the first to admit it, we look around. A lot. How do the national hoop mavens rank the class of 2017? We wonder just like you do.

With the spring travel ball period in the rear view mirror, the HoopSeen 2017 national rankings have been updated with play in the spring accounted for.

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