Carolina Preview camp: Team 5 evals

Our first Carolina Preview camp had a ton of the state’s top players under one roof. After reviewing our notes, here's a breakdown of everyone on Team 2

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Russell Jones, 2019 G, Westwood-Team SC

Winthrop commit Russell Jones performed to a level that instantly grabbed the attention of our staff. Take a look at what we had to say about him here.

Jalen Branton, 2021 G, Mountain Heritage-Hoop State Elite

A crafty handle in transition helped Hoop State Elite guard Jalen Branton plow past defenders that were on there heels. On a team full of tempo pushers, Branton used his quicks to stay with the pace of the game. When things slowed down, his high arching jumpshot was hard to contest for those that closed out on him. Branton is a speedster guard that’s capable of knocking down shots.

James Davis, 2022 G, Wren-Carolina Hawks

An unselfish point guard to the core, James Davis made life easy for his teammates with his ability to see things before they happened. His head was always on a swivel as he anticipated when others would be open and made the right pass most of the time. There were very few mistakes with the ball in his hands, pointing towards being a good sign for such a young prospect.

Adam Frank, 2019 G, Shannon Forrest- SC Playmakers

Another pass first point guard on Team 4 was SC Playmakers guard Adam Frank. A strong first step allowed him to break the floor open and draw help defenders. Some kick outs to shooters and cross court passes made players benefit from his unselfish play.

Joshua Owens, 2021 G, Wren-Team SC

This high motor guard has the ability to stifle offenses with his on-ball pressure. Although he didn’t pick up 94 feet, he appears to be more than capable given his mindset and lateral quickness. Joshua Owens was one of the more productive sophomore guards in attendance, speaking further towards his potential as a prospect. Offensively, a few crafty finishes helped him maneuver well over sagging big men.

Jaylen Gresham, 2020 G, Malden-Upward Stars

Jaylen Gresham’s toughness was evident as he routinely wrestled on the glass for rebounds. His effort stood out as he made physical plays that some don’t want to get their hands dirty with on the defensive end. Gresham has some good intangibles that show a willingness to make winning plays and not be consumed with the flash.

Dearon Tucker, 2019 G, Legacy-Houston Hoops

This college body forward understands positioning and how to snatch down rebounds. His long arms kept rebounds in play even when he wasn’t in prime position. In drills he shot the 15 footer very well, showing our staff some nice touch from the mid-range. He has a good skill set and a mentality that shows how engaged he is during the game. Mix in his size with the ability to maneuver well in ball screens, Tucker is well on his way to landing at a division 1 school.

Case Roach, 2020 F, Travelers Rest-Upward Stars Adidas Silver

One of the most athletic players in camp, Case Roach routinely found himself over the rim in the day's action. A couple of high flying dunks caught our staffs attention as Roach boast both the size and athleticism to be a division 1 prospect. Defensively is where Roach adds more value as a 6’5 multi-positional defender. Not one to shy away from contact, The Travelers Rest forward used his athleticism to clean the glass as well. 

Joshua Owens, 2020 G, Metrolina Christian-PSB Elite

This long 6'5 lefty made an imprint on the game well before his first ball went through the basket. Joshua Owens has a good frame that suits his him well as his motor was tremendous on the defensive game. A motor like Owen's transfers well across the board as he has the capabilities to affect several facets of the game. Owens is a crafty finisher that should continue to get to the rim as he improves his ability to change speeds and direction. 

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