Carolina Preview camp: Team 4 evals

Our first Carolina Preview camp had a ton of the state’s top players under one roof. After reviewing our notes, here's a breakdown of everyone on Team 2

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DaiQwon Day, 2021 G, Blythewood-Metro Commandos

This crafty point guard from the Metro Commandos made plays out of ball screen actions on a consistent basis. DaiQwon Day displayed a great feel for how the big man was guarding him after screens and made the right reads. For such a young guard he seems to grasp ball screen concepts and how he can properly utilize the other players in the action. As he gets better around the rim, look for his stock to rise.

Daniel Harris, 2019 G, East Mecklenburg-Carolina Clippers

Despite not having a great shooting day, Daniel Harris used his athleticism to get to his spots. Defensively he excelled as well, finding himself on several positions and yet holding his own. His good shot selection made up for the early mishaps and he provided solid minutes for team 4.

Leon Moore, 2019 G, 2020 F, Spring Valley- Capital City Vipers         

Players like Leon Moore make me look forward to next years camp due to his potential as a prospect. There’s still some polishing that needs to be done before he looks to take another leap, but the talent is evident. Moore stretched the court out to 15 feet, a shot that many cant contest due to his great length. He’s a talent that passes the eye test and should continue to become a good name to watch going forward.

Tyrik Ward-Hoyte, 2020 G, High Point-SC Spiders

One player that barely missed my top performers list was SC Spiders guard Tyrik Ward-Hoyte. This 6’5 guards athleticism made some flashy plays in the open court that few in attendance could match. His length allowed him to make plays in high traffic areas despite his lack of sheer strength. Hoyte can stretch the court, put it on the floor and defend his position. It’s safe to say that he was one of the most well-rounded players at camp. Give it another year and we could have a division 1 prospect.

Jonathan Burns, 2021 F, South Aiken-Upward Stars Augusta Riverfront

The first thing that jumps out at anyone watching South Aiken forward Jonathan Burns is how hard he plays on both ends. A non-stop motor separated him from several of his peers as he took on some tasks that others don’t want to be bothered with. His rebounding in his area was great as he got tangled up a time or two trying to wrestle them down. Aggressiveness like his goes a long way towards the difference between a win or a loss.


Jaylin Mcduffie, 2022 G, Westwood-Capital City Vipers

A solid body allowed Jaylin Mcduffie to absorb some contact that some 5’11 guards aren’t equipped to handle. A decent mix on inside-outside production paced him well as he made strides in doses. Mcduffie didn’t kill opponents with quickness but rather with a deceptive handle that helped him get seperation. There were enough moves in his arsenal to keep defenders off balance. Once they leaned one way or another he would use his body keep them on his hip on the way to the basket.

Braxton Beaty, 2020 G, Lambert-AC Georgia

Braxton Beaty is a strong combo guard that understands shot selection and how to make the most of his opportunities. Never seeming in a rush, Beaty made enough plays from both guard spots that he maintained relevance throughout the camps entirety. A solid frame allowed him to take on some contact at the rim. A good stroke from the outside helped him when those same defenders tried to contain his driving. Beaty plays with a good IQ that should only get better with two years left of high school.

Corey Johnson 2021 G, Boiling Springs-Upward Stars

Corey Johnson’s ability to stop on a dime allowed him to get some needed seperation from some of the camps best defenders. His great use of speeds gave simplistic moves a good pop of flare as he had a good dynamic handle. Johnson was one of the more crafty players on his team and it paid dividends as he used it to break down defenders. Johnson has a good ceiling and it will be exciting to watch him play going forward.

John Kennedy, 2019 G, Boiling Springs-Upward Stars

One of the best spot up shooters for Team 4, Upward Stars guard John Kennedy used his good shooting to give his team some needed points from behind the arc. The perfect compliment to some of other drive heavy teammates, Kennedy seemed to develop a niche that kept him involved in the games action. When other guys penetrated he made the efforts to slide to the corners to give them an open target.

 Myles Tate, 2020 G, Dorman-Upward Stars

Myles Tate came into camp with a solid reputation as a lead guard that could score, rebound and defend. His reputation remained in tact as he proved capable during the days action. Tate is a difference maker defensively, showing that he has the lateral quickness to make advancing difficult for a ball handler. Tate fits in line with the other Dorman prospects as a willing passer that has the skill to pull off the difficult ones. His quicks and aggressiveness are two things that will carry on well to the next level. 

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