Jalyn McCreary recruitment update

Jalyn McCreary

Jalyn McCreary is no stranger to the peach state as the talented forward once made his name at Kennesaw Mountain. His play at Holiday Hoopsgiving was an unnecessary reminder of why so many programs have targeted him in the 2019 class. HoopSeen caught up with the available forward to discuss the move to Legacy along with his ongoing recruitment. 

Q: How did you adjust to making the change from Georgia to South Carolina?

McCreary: It was a big change. A lot of working out. Different changes, all of that. Moving I had to get adjusted when I first got here because I wasn't used to being away from my family and home and stuff. But I know that's how its going to be when In college so I ended up getting used to it. I'm good now really. 

Q: How have you benefitted from the move the most? Have you noticed much personal growth?

McCreary: Really being just away from home. Not just family, just not being homesick. Being strong enough to be away from where I usually am and being out of my comfort zone and all of that. 

Q: What's been your experience playing for coach BJ Jackson been like so far?

McCreary: He's a really big defensive coach. He really gets on your back if you don't play defense and stuff like that. He's a fun coach. Not like always strict or nothing like that but he can be strict if you test him. He's a cool coach. 

Q: What is one of the ways you've noticed you've improved since your move?

McCreary: My scoring ability got a little bit better I think. I think I already had that but it went to a whole different level when I started working out more. Getting stronger. Getting my IQ up and making passes for others and stuff like that. 


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Q: Going into the early signing period you had your fair share of offers. Why did you decide not to commit to a program. 

McCreary: Really to get some more looks. More offers. Just make the right decision. Not one of those ones that transferred after the first year

Q: So in terms of you getting more looks, are there certain programs that you wanted to hear from?

McCreary: No I'm just open to anybody. Its been a couple of new couple schools that have been watching me lately

What has been said: Just this past week, our very own Justin Young named McCreary as a top available in his Just a Minute segment

"Jayln McCreary made his return back to his native Atlanta for the loaded 2018 Holiday Hoopsgiving. The Legacy Charter forward showed flashes of why he was a top 20 player in the state of Georgia and one of the top overall performers from our 2018 Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions. He scored 38 points in two games during the event. 

The 6-foot-7 forward is an athletic and aggressive combo forward who can be a mismatch at the next level. High-majors should look and mid-major should prioritize."  

Q: Who are the new programs?

McCreary: Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, those have been it to name a few. They have been hitting me up a lot.

Q: What stood out to them about your game?

McCreary: That I have a high motor. That's what everyone says but yea they like my motor and the way I play hard and stuff like that.

Q: What offers do you currently have on the table?

McCreary: Georgia State, UMass, Xavier, USF, College of Charleston, Murray State, Central Connecticut, Jacksonville, Charlotte. That's just to name a few

Q: From all of the programs that are in the mix, is there anyone program that stands out in terms of the way they are recruiting you?

McCreary: Georgia State. Definitely. They're recruiting me the hardest and they're very hard on me about just coming to Georgia State. I really like it a lot. They're probably one of my favorites. One of my top schools. 


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