Q&A with our 22nd ranked prospect in Georgia's 2020 class: London Riley

London Riley HoopSeen

Since our 2020 rankings have been released, we have decided to talk with some of the states best to get some insight into their recruitment. Today, HoopSeen spoke with our 22nd ranked prospect, Discovery guard London Riley

Q: What programs have offered you at this point going into the end of your junior year?

Riley: So far I have an offer from North Carolina A&T. I have interest from Presbyterian, North Florida, Mercer, Morehead, and alot of others. 

Q: Is there any one program that stands out in terms of the way that they are recruiting you? 

Riley: North Carolina A&T because they were the first to give me a chance  and stayed on me the most. 

Q: After they offered you, what feedback did they give you about your game?

Riley: They just said that I've shot the ball bettter then anyone they had seen so far. There's things to work on as well.  

Q: Outside of NC A&T, are there any programs that have shown you a ton of interest?

Riley: Iowa State texts me every now and again and VMI is showing heavy interest. But I think Presbyterian or VMI will be the next to offer. 

Q: Have you been on any visits?

Riley: Wofford, NC A&T, and Presbyterian. 

Q: How was your experience on those campuses?

Riley: They were good. I really liked Woffords arena and I like A&T's culture. Presbyterians coaches were good. 

What has been said: During the third day of our Best of the South, Riley's shooting lead me to write this evaluation

"Put the name London Riley on your short list of high-level shooters in Georgia’s 2020 class. The 6’2 guard has one of the purest strokes in the game and he doesn’t need much space to make it work. I’ve thought it for some time but it’s safe to say that if he hits another growth spurt he will have mid-major schools consistently at his doorstep. Even now he does just enough on defense and off the bounce that you will have a tough time talking your self out of taking him. Watch this one closely." 


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Q: As your recruitment continues to go along, what things have you learned about the process so far?

Riley: I've learned that you have to go with whoevers best for you, and just take your time. Everything will come eventually.

Q: Do you have a timeline for your final decision?

Riley: Hopefully before my senior season.

Q: As you start to consider your next spot, what are some of the factors you're goign to consider?

Riley: The people that gave me a chance first and actually showed interest in me. 

Q: As of right now, we have you as the 22nd ranked prospect in Georgia's 2020 class. what are your thoughts on that ranking?

Riley: I feel like there's a couple of people ahead of me that I'm better than, but it'll come in due time when I play them again. 

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