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Q&A with our 27th ranked prospect in Georgias 2020 class: Eric Gaines

Eric Gaines HoopSeen Lithonia
10, Dec 2018

Q&A with our 27th ranked prospect in Georgias 2020 class: Eric Gaines

Since our 2020 rankings have been released, we have decided to talk with some of the states best to get some insight into their recruitment. At #27, we have Lithonia standout Eric Gaines.

Q: As we approach the midway mark of the season, what are your thoughts on how you've played so far?

Gaines: "So far Ive been playing well. Since my junior year Ive mainly focused on score. But Im a point guard so I get assists and stuff like that too."

Q: How has playing with the Atlanta Xpress on the UAA Circuit helped you prepare for this season?

Gaines: It's different. Its a more fast paced game and theres a shot clock so you have to get set with the plays and stuff like that. Mainly run and gun, but once you start playing you'll get used to it. But the games are more competitive, more better players.

Q: How has that helped you throughout your career so far?

Gaines: "Makes me more aggressive, handle the ball well. Take smart shots, find my teammates."

Q: You're known as one of the better players in transition in the state. Is there anyone that you try to model your game after?

Gaines: "My ball handling, Kyrie Irving and scoring wise Kevin Durant is my favorite player."

Q: What person around you has helped you alot with your progression. Do you train with anayone in particular?

Gaines: "One of my highschool assistant coaches used to play D1 college basketball. On the weekends and stuff I probably train with him and stuff like that. I used to train with coach Swain. Right now I dont train with anyone. Alot of trainers try to work out with me but I dont have the time becuase we practice Saturday."

Q: What programs have extended an offer to you so far?

Gaines: "Georgia State."

Q: When they offered you what did they say they liked about your game?

Gaines: "I play defense and put the ball in the basket."

Q: So taking the good with the bad, what did they want you to improve on?

Gaines: "Talking. Communicating with my teammates on the court"

What has been said: A few weeks ago at the Jared Cook Tip-Off Classic, Eric Gaines played earned him " Tai's 5 honors". Heres a look at what I had to say

"Georgia's 2020 class is filled with guys that constantly put pressure on a teams transition defense. K.D Johnson, Dwon Odom and Jermonte Hill are just some of the ones that come to mind. Lithonia guard Eric Gaines is in that same school of guards that just constantly cause defenses to engage him from the moment he gets an outlet pass. His finishes are as acrobatic as any as contorts his body well enough to evade most help defenders. Get in his way and his athleticism takes over to finish one of his many either hand layups above the rim. He's an exciting player to watch as you know he can give the crowd a highlight play at a moments notice. With one offer currently from Georgia State, he will be a player that could have a handful by the start of April's live period."


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Q: Have there been any other programs to stay in touch with you?

Gaines: "Georgia, Georgia Tech, Western Carolina, Middle Tennessee."

Q: Is there still one program out there that you hope reaches out to you?

Gaines: "I'm thinking about Florida State. I like the way they play. When Im watching them the coach is involved in the game." 

Q: Have you been on any unofficals yet and if so, who?

Gaines: "No I haven't. I'll start going on visits in the spring"

Q: Is there something about playing at the next level that really excites you? 

Gaines: "Playing at a D1 school. Playing on TV. And winning a NCAA Championship."

Q: As of now, we have you as the 27th ranked prospect in Georgia's 2020 class. What are your thoughts on that ranking?

Gaines: "I really dont care about rankings becuase in my mind Im the best point guard in 2020." 

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