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The Best of Bob Gibbons from BP

16, May 2022

The Best of Bob Gibbons from BP

My second Bob Gibbons TOC is in the books and I can say it lived up to the high expectations I placed on it. Championship Sunday was just special. There is always a team that goes on a magical run, and that continued this year. I got a chance to see a lot of talented players for the first time that I am excited about tracking moving forward. Here, I'll dive into a few superlatives of the event. 

The Best Game I Saw: Alabama Fusion vs TSF 2025

Midway through Saturday, I checked out the brackets to see the potential championship match ups, and this possibility had me immediately excited. I had heard a ton of great things about both teams regarding the young prospects. Lucky for me, the cards fell and these teams met for the 15U championship. This game looked like it was going to be all TSF as they were up nearly 20 in the first half. Alabama Fusion finally settled in and fought back to make it a game that came down to the final few possessions. Fusion's Salim London ultimately knocked down a 3-pointer with four seconds left to give them a 2-point lead that Fusion was able to hold on to secure the championship. This game got really intense down the line and the best players from both teams stepped up and made big plays. You can read a more in depth recap of the game here

The Best Player I Saw: Sean Stewart

I came into the weekend assuming that Stewart would be the top overall prospect in attendance, and I walked away reaffirming that initial thought. The Duke commit is just a bit different. It is evident that he has that extra gear that only a small number of players have. I really love him as a rim protector. His timing when it comes to blocking shots is the best I have seen this travel season. 

The Best Stock Riser I Saw: RJ Johnson

Johnson had a really good weekend for the Georgia Stars. His consistent production was a large part of the Stars' championship run. He has a strong frame that he utilizes by punishing defenders on his way to the rim. Once he gets into the paint, a positive play results more often than not. His athleticism and creativity as a finisher enable him to score the ball in a plethora of ways around the rim. I would not be surprised to see more offers start to come in. 

The Best Wow Moment: Eddie Ricks Clutch Shot

Eddie Ricks may have had the most clutch day of games in his life, and he chose a great day for that to happen - Championship Sunday. In an incredible semifinal game vs the Atlanta Allstars, Ricks hit a tough, contested floater over a couple of defenders to send EAB to the championship. It was an incredible shot that sent the gym into a frenzy. 

The Best Underclassman I saw: Salim London

This was a tough one for me to choose between London and Jamier Jones, but London's clutch performance in the 15U championship game sealed the deal for me. The lefty just went into a zone where he could not be stopped. He got to any spot he wanted to on the floor, showing his ability to knock down perimeter shots and straight up blow by defenders. London can get hot from deep, too. Alabama is the first school in to offer. 

The Best Sleeper I saw: Dawson Barr

I am not sure how much more this kid has to do for the offers to start coming in. Talking to coaches last travel season, just about every single one emphasized how much shooters are valued at the next level. If that is truly the case, I am not sure why more coaches are not on him. Barr has a strong frame at 6-foot-4 and can really shoot the ball. He has a consistent, fluid stroke, and gets good elevation on his shots. With a couple of 20+ point performances on the weekend, he continues to solidify himself as a big time sleeper in the 2023 class. 

The Best Unsigned Senior I saw: Bryce Blaine

The Team Huncho guard can absolutely help a team out at the next level. I know the recruiting landscape looks a lot different now; however, I am surprised to see this kid is still available. Blaine is a flat out playmaker that makes an immediate impact once he hits the floor due to his ability to make everyone better. I really like him as a defender. He likes to sit on the ball and cause all sorts of disruptions for opposing teams. 

The Best Athlete I saw: Jason Jackson

This one was the easiest category for me. Jason Jackson is a different type of athlete. His bounce is unreal at 6-foot-3. Even just watching him dunk during warm ups is a sight to see. Because of his elite athleticism, the defense must know where he is at all times, especially in transition due to him being a huge threat off the lob.