JoJo Toppin

Norcross, GA
6' 6"
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When the Norcross team came filing out of their locker room after their dominating 75-55 win over McEachern on Wednesday night, there was a look of satisfaction on their faces. You’d expect that.

We released our post-summer rankings for Georgia’s 2018 class today. There weren’t a lot of changes, to be honest. This class is an interesting group.

Now that we are deep into the hot summer months, it was time to look back and re-evaluate our 2018 rankings for the state of Georgia.

In prep for the season starting in October, All Metro Hoops puts on their Elite 100 showcase for some of the top players in the state to make a statement as well as up-and-comers to make a name for

Kentucky, Duke, Oklahoma, and Harvard are just a few of the programs set to host their top target from the 2017 class.
The most comprehensive college visit list found across the web where Floirda, UConn, Texas A&M, and Kansas play host to top targets.

Intriguing is an understatement when attempting to describe JoJo Toppin. The 6-foot-5 wing is super smooth and effortless in all that he does and while there was little to nothing known of him entering the Fall Preview this past Saturday, the native of New York definitely did more than enough in impressing with his long-term capabilities on the playing floor.

We featured a dozen of the top performers on Monday from the 2015 Fall Preview. The camp was loaded with talent, no doubt, but it was also the stage for a host of players to emerge and start their story. These four players were voted as top performers by our coaches and staff, too. However, because we’ve never evaluated or even seen before we decided to identify these players as our “Story Starters” from camp. 

From our first Preview camp in 2013 to Saturday’s Fall Preview camp, the stage has always been about starting a player’s story. At this year’s open camp, we saw a number of players take advantage of the opportunity and played their way into the conversation.