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BP's Atlanta Jam Day 1 Notebook

9, Apr 2022

BP's Atlanta Jam Day 1 Notebook

I spent the first night of Atlanta Jam taking in the 15Us and I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. I came upon several kids that have a chance to be really good prospects as they progress through their high school careers. Check out my standouts from the 15U group. 

Atlanta Xpress 15s

Atlanta Xpress is known for consistently pumping out talent. Their high school group seems to be in good hands as they had a few players that caught my eye. Chane Bynum is an intriguing prospect at 6-foot-8. He has a long frame and utilizes his length on both ends. He was dominant on the boards and showed his shot blocking ability. Davin Neal is another kid that I was impressed with. The versatile forward is a product of Newton High School. He has the ability to play inside-out and can defend multiple positions. His impact is felt immediately when he hits the court. Breon Barnett was one of my favorite guards that I saw yesterday. His ability to control the tempo and change speeds was impressive to watch. I have no doubt he can be an effective lead guard at the next level. 

MEBO 15s

This MEBO 15U squad sure has some athletes. They have multiple long, athletic wings that can go get a bucket. Chanse Funchess is a kid that has a lot of upside. He has a strong frame and quick first step that he utilizes to get to his spots quickly. Kelan Rich is a shifty guard that breaks down defenders with ease. Big man Lonnie Shinn plays like an old school forward which is always a pleasure to see in this age of stretch fours and fives. Finch embraces physicality and wants to bang down in the paint. He is an absolute force on the boards, too. 

Team Mookie 15s

Whew. The atmosphere in Team Mookie's game vs South Florida Elite was insane. This team plays with so much energy and each player is unselfish. It all starts with their lead guard, Tylan Lewis. As a freshman, he has an extremely high IQ. He understands how to control the pace and makes really good decisions with the ball. He plays with a lot of patience and creates for his teammates and himself. George Macintyre is an interesting prospect for sure. At 6-foot-6, he has the ability to score it over smaller defenders in the paint and make plays out on the perimeter. Jeremy Jackson was another kid that stood out with his versatility and athleticism on both ends. This team has some flat out dudes. Their matchup with Atlanta Xpress on Sunday is must see TV.