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Spring Preview Camp Team 11 Breakdown

19, Mar 2021

Spring Preview Camp Team 11 Breakdown

Charles Williams, 2021, Guard: Williams was one of the quickest players at the camp. He is so fast with the ball in his hands, it was difficult for defenders to stay in front of him. His ability to blow by defenders as well as distribute the ball made him an all-around offensive threat. 

Dylyn Cooks, 2023, Guard: Cooks is a guard that sure knows how to create contact. He uses his ball and shot fakes to get defenders in the air and drives his body into them to get to the line. He is an aggressive driver that wants to get to the basket in a hurry.

Christian Yeates, 2022, Guard: Yeates is a flat-out uptempo guard. He constantly looked to push the ball ahead. He rarely wasted any dribbles or held on to the ball for too long. As a smaller guard, he has a nice floater that he utilizes to finish over bigs once he penetrates the defense. He is a big-time pest on defense, causing the ball handler to turn the ball over a number of times. 

Chase Hill, 2023, Guard: Hill is an aggressive guard that loves to attack the rim. He has a quick first step, good strength, and is shifty off the dribble. He lived inside the paint and in at the free-throw line. He was able to draw a ton of fouls at the rim. Hill brings that same aggressiveness to the defensive end too. He has active hands and gets into the passing lanes. 

Kenric Lanier, 2023, Wing: Lanier is a promising sophomore guard with lots of athleticism. He thrives in the open court where he shows his solid decision-making and body control. He is crafty around the basket and can finish with both hands. Lanier was also effective hitting jumpers around the perimeter. 

Malachi Townsend, 2022, Wing: Townshend was most effective in the transition game. This is a player that coaches would want to have the ball in his hands with numbers. He made the right reads that resulted in points for his team. He had a good shooting day as well. 

Zack Welch, 2022, Forward: Welch’s baby hook scored him a lot of points on the day. Once he gets the ball in the paint, he shows a lot of patience, yet makes a quick move at the same time. Once he felt where his defense was, he would give a quick shoulder fake and hit them with a soft baby hook. He was one of the best rebounders in attendance too. 

Kenton Zackery, 2022, Forward: Zackery lived above the rim. This kid was throwing down powerful dunks all day. He plays with so much physicality and power. Once he got the ball in the paint, he dared defenders to jump with him. He was also really aggressive on the boards where he was able to earn easy second-chance points. 

Tyson Jones, 2023, Forward: Jones settled in and got more comfortable as the day went on. The 6-foot-8 forward out of Evans has a lot of raw offensive talent. He can score it in the paint and make plays from the perimeter, showing his ability to stretch the floor. He looked really good on the defensive end. He went after every rebound and had some emphatic blocks. 

Maxwell Culbreth, 2023, Guard: Culbreth is a patient guard that reads everything before making a move. He has a tight handle and knows how to maneuver his body to keep the defense away from the ball. He sets his teammates up for open shots and creates offense for himself.