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    HoopSeen Tip-Off

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    March 25 – 27, 2022
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    Boys 8th-12th grades
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    Our HoopSeen Tip-Off made a stellar debut in 2019, hosting teams rom up and down the Eastern seaboard. The event features the best travel teams from all age groups and every team that attends is able to build a media package for marketing and media purposes. We had a handful of future McDonald's All Americans and teams from all brands and independent circuit.


    Schedule requests put in writing after registering will be accommodated as best as we possibly can. However, ALL teams should be prepared to play in the first game slot at 6 o'clock Friday evening.

    This is a showcase style event. The Schedule will be available the Wednesday night, during the week leading up to the tournament. All teams are guaranteed at least 4 games. 

    Team Check-In

    Official Team Check-In will take place at Suwanee Sports Academy prior to your first game. ALL teams MUST check-in at Suwanee prior to their first scheduled game of the weekend. 

    Here are the items needed for Team Check-In.

    • Birth Certificates for EVERY PLAYER
    • Grade Reports for EVERY PLAYER
    • Official US Amateur Basketball Roster Sheet (only players on this roster sheet are eligible to play in the event)

    Each team will be given up to 3 coaches bands. Make sure to keep your coaches bands on all weekend. Coaches who lose their bands MUST PAY. 



    To insure the quality of service provided for HoopSeen, we have partnered with GroupHousing as the official Hospitality Service of our events.

    All teams who need accommodations are REQUIRED to make hotel reservations through GroupHousing to insure their place in the event. All HoopSeen events are "Stay To Play" events. GroupHousing guarantees the lowest rate available. GroupHousing will make this process efficient and friendly for you, while providing exceptional hotel accommodations for all teams. Most hotels offer a breakfast, kid friendly services, budget conscious rates, and amenities to enhance your stay. Each hotel is strategically loacted just minutes from the event locations.

    Please see the link above for hotels. You may also contact GroupHousing at 888-290-3210 to book your hotel as well.