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    2021 Spring Basketball Team League

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    March 21 – May 9, 2021
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    5th-12th grades
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    The 2021 HoopSeen Spring Basketball League is the perfect chance for your school team to get a jump start on the season or your travel team to continue playing together.

    Each team will compete in an 6 game schedule (1 game every Sunday) against like competition throughout the Spring. The league consists of only the 6 scheduled games (no tournament play or championship). Games will start at 4pm. We design this league as an opportunity to develop your team prior to the season or get additional games during the season. 

    Each team will need to fill out a registration packet found on the confirmation email and each player will need to fill out an individual waiver (page 3 of packet). 

    All necessary forms and payment must be completed prior to the first game on March 21st.

    Please reach out to Daniel Paccione (dpaccione@hoopseen.com) with any questions or concerns.