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Conrad P. Foss Memorial: 16U studs

Angel Romeu
20, Mar 2024

Conrad P. Foss Memorial: 16U studs

The second annual Conrad P. Foss Memorial is in the books and we saw some fun talent get after it in the season-starting event in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Let's take a look at the eye-catchers from the 16 and under division.

Devan Jones, 2026 CG, SWFL Hoops: I have to admit, Jones was one of my favorite players from the weekend. The 6-foot-1 guard played fast and with his foot on the gas from start to finish. He was one of the main catalysts for SWFL Hoops, who reached the 16U championship game. While he played fast, Jones did a nice job making quality decisions with the ball in his hands. He showed a distinct feel for the game and saw a lot of plays happen a pass or two before. Jones will be a prospect a variety of schools will want to see this weekend.

River Treadwell, 2026 SG, Team Gritty: Treadwell left his mark as a shooter for Team Gritty, as he connected on several three-point attempts per game during the event. The 5-foot-10 sharpshooter was a dangerous threat when he stepped across halfcourt. In fact, in one game on Saturday, Treadwell connected on six three-pointers in a narrow loss. In addition to his shooting, Treadwell showed some ball skills as he played the majority of games with the ball in his hands. 

Joe Philon III, 2026 F, SCE UA: Looking back, there wasn’t a player trending more than Philon – just ask the mixtape mafia that was in attendance and followed him around over the weekend. The 6-foot-8 big man truly is unique with his size, fluidity, and skill-set. Yes, he typically was the tallest player on the floor, but he had no issues handling the basketball. In fact, he excelled at grabbing defensive rebounds and putting the ball on the floor and initiating the fastbreak in transition. Philon made plays above the rim on both sides of the floor, whether it was blocking shots or catching lobs from teammates. ACC, AAC, and SEC programs will be hot on his trail this summer.

Jamareis Conyers, 2026 CG, SCE HSA: Conyers quietly put together a quality weekend for Skill Center Elite’s HoopSeen Association squad, as he moved the needle with his shooting ability and high IQ play. The 6-foot-2 guard converted an assortment of different shots in a variety of ways, including making shots off the bounce and off the catch. I liked his production on the floor, and I like where his game is going, too. I can see him adding a couple more inches and being a promising backcourt prospect as his high school career continues.  

Angel Romeu, 2026 PG, TNT HoopSquad: Slippery. That’s the best word to describe Romeu because opposing defenders had difficulties staying in front of him all weekend. The 5-foot-10 floor general had the ball on a string and commanded his team during the event. He consistently got in the lane and created scoring opportunities for his teammates, dishing out passes to open teammates hame after game. Romeu did a nice job running the show and capping off a quality weekend for TNT HoopSquad. 

Garrett Tucker
State Editor

Garrett Tucker is a senior content producer for HoopSeen. He has been a member of since 2014. Specializing in basketball in the South, Garrett has helped grow the HoopSeen Alabama network from the ground up. He also provides stories and information from players all across the country. His GTuckerScouting recruiting service is a notorious product in the Southeast, as he has been in contact with numerous college programs across the country. You can follow Garrett on Twitter at @GTuckerHoops.