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BP's Grassroots Showcase Day 1 Notebook

23, Apr 2022

BP's Grassroots Showcase Day 1 Notebook

It's good to be back in Louisville for our Grassroots Showcase. The huge space with all the courts, the unique lighting we get from the ceiling lights. There's just not an environment like it. We kicked things off Friday night and there were definitely some moments. I really enjoyed seeing coaches back out and about. Here are my takeaways from day 1.

Jalon Cole Continues to Play Big

I am a big Jalon Cole fan. I've watched this kid since he was a freshman in high school. Seeing the constant improvements he has made to his game heading into his senior season has been fun to watch. The 6-foot-3 guard is both wiry and shifty. He has always had the confidence to go out there and get a bucket; however, now he understands how to control the tempo, play at different speeds, and play with patience. Cole makes timely shots, creates for his teammates, and makes better decisions with the ball. He was a large part to why TNBA was able to escape the game last night with a 1-point win. He knocked down a big three in the final minute to put his team up, then sealed the deal with a go-ahead bucket in the lane. Coaches in the area should watch him this weekend. 

Jayden Harris Yet Again

Jayden Harris continued to do Jayden Harris things as he got off to a good start to begin the weekend. Our Justin Byerly kept on saying he looked the part of an ACC caliber prospect. Once this kid gets going, he's tough to stop. He finished with 14p in a big win over 3D Empire. 

Peach State Trios

BCB began their weekend with a big win over Reach Legends. The trio of Julian Walker, Jadon Yeh, and Blake Seitz paced BCB combining for 37 points and plenty of rebounds. Walker was impressive, leading all scorers with 14. His versatility enables him to play inside-out and his length helps a lot on the defensive end. Seitz is a high motor player that simply makes winning plays. He had his three ball going last night which made him a tough matchup due to his size. Yeh was his typical productive self.

Norcross Heat was able to come away with a win behind the performances of their own trio. Keishawn Hampton, Nazir Griffin, and Soloman Mustafa-Reid came up big for the Heat down the stretch in a narrow win. Hampton continues to show his ability to be a solid floor general that you can trust with the ball in his hands in clutch moments. Griffin made some timely plays on both ends last night, and Mustafa-Reid had a good all-around performance. He has a non-stop motor that makes him stand out.