HoopSeen Tip-Off

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    July 10 – 12, 2020
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    Boys 9th-11th grades
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    Teams will be able to pick the days they want to compete. Each day teams will play two games. If a team wants to play all three days, they can sign up for all three. If a team wishes to play for two days, they can play two days. If a team wants to play just a day, they can play a day. Or you mix up your schedule. This will be an a la carte offering. 

    Every player that attends this event will have his headshot taken and have a profile on HoopSeen.com. Our HoopSeen search is the most viewed database in the Southeast for serious college prospects. Our evaluation staff will have detailed reports sent out to every college in the country. 

    HoopSeen COVID 19 Protocol


    Every team will play 2 games for each day they are registered. Registration options are available on the registration page above.

    ** Games will potentially start as early as 8 a.m. on Friday morning**

    1 day = 2 games

    2 days = 4 games

    3 days = 6 games

    Team Check-In

    Official Team Check-In will take place at Suwanee Sports Academy prior to your first game. ALL teams MUST check-in at Suwanee prior to their first scheduled game of the weekend. 

    Here are the items needed for Team Check-In.

    • Birth Certificates for EVERY PLAYER
    • Grade Reports for EVERY PLAYER
    • Official US Amateur Basketball Roster Sheet (only players on this roster sheet are eligible to play in the event)

    Each team will be given up to 3 coaches bands. Make sure to keep your coaches bands on all weekend. Coaches who lose their bands MUST PAY. 


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