Atlanta Jam

    Event Information

    April 9 – 11, 2021
    Event Type
    Event Stature
    Boys 8th-11th grades
    Entry Cost

    Main Event Location

    Event Details

    Going forward HoopSeen will partner with Be The Beast Recruiting to create the most exhaustive online recruiting platform for events. Even if a college coach can't attend our events physically, they will always be able to attend virtually at any time from anywhere. Here is what will be a part of the Atlanta Jam:

    1. High Definition Live Streamed Games (every court at SSA will be equipped with high definition cameras operated by artificial intelligence)
    2. Complete game and player statistics
    3. Player Recruiting Profiles connected to team roster, game schedule and video footage
    4. Tournament schedule is synced with game video, team rosters and stats to put a comprehensive recruiting solution at the fingertips of every coach in America
    5. Game Film and box scores available On Demand at any time


    Atlanta Jam is a showcase style event. Each team will get 4 games throughout the weekend.

    Important NCAA Certification Links

    1. NCAA Basketball Certification Website - this page includes links to user resource quick-reference guides and manuals including guidelines and step by step instructions for participants
    2. The NCAA Basketball Certification System -  team organizations, coaches, and athletes need to be registered in this database. (Returning coach and athlete users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.)
    3. USA Basketball Gold License - all individuals involved in coaching activities will need to obtain a USAB Gold License. (Returning users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.)

    Team Check-in

    All Teams MUST check-in prior to the first game.  Teams will need the following items at check-in and will need to have access to until the event concludes:

    1. Complete and print Roster

    2. Copy of each player's Birth Certificates

    3. Copy of each player's Grade Report

    4. Copy of a complete pre-printed score sheet found below (Players Names and # required)

    5. Each coach must check in with ID

    6. Coach's name and certificate # must be on team roster to receive band

    7. Coaching bands are to be worn the entire weekend.

    8. Teams that fail to check-in will not be allowed to play.


    Teams will ONLY be allowed to check-in at the Locations listed below:

    Suwanee Sports Academy 

    3640 Burnette Rd 

    Suwanee, GA 30024