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The HoopSeen recruiting guide helps high school basketball players navigate the recruiting process for playing in college. The guide covers expectations for recruiting, NCAA regulations as well as input from college coaches on what they are looking for and how they find players. There is a lot of misleading information about exposure and recruiting for basketball. This guide helps to demystify the process so players, parents and coaches can make more informed decisions.

We surveyed almost 100 NCAA College basketball coaches while putting together the information that went into this guide.

The HoopSeen Recruiting Guide is available in hard copy or kindle format at Amazon.

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What's covered? 

Here is the table of contents

Introduction 1

Section I - Setting the Record Straight 5

Recognition vs. Exposure 5

Statistics of Playing at the Next Level 8

The Real Timeline of Recruitment 15

How College Coaches Find Prospects 20

Choosing the Right Travel Team 23

What’s with These Sneaker Teams? 27

Are Rankings Important? 30

Section II: NCAA Concerns 36

What you need to know about NCAA Academic Requirements 36

Official and Unofficial Visits 39

Beyond Division I College Basketball 41

What does Mid-Major really mean? 46

The Recruiting Calendar 48

Section III - Navigating the Recruitment Process 51

Evaluating the Prospect Beyond the Court 51

Intangibles of a Player 54

Assessing the “Offer” 56

You Never Know Who is Watching 59

Questions Players Should Ask on a Recruiting Visit 62

Do’s and Don’ts of Recruiting 62

In their own words: Advice from college coaches about the recruiting process. 64

APPENDIX I - NCAA Division I Schools by Conference 67

APPENDIX II - NCAA Division II Schools by Conference 72

APPENDIX III - NCAA Division III Schools by Conference 76