Top performers from The Fall Preview


The Fall Preview provided us with a stage to observe some of the best up and coming talent in the South. Our team of 16 evaluators voted on the top overall performers at the camp and these 12 players received the most votes at The Fall Preview. 


Kam Calhoun, North Gwinnett, SG/SF, 2015
All gas, no stop. It was that kind of day for the 6-foot-4 senior. Defensively, he's one of the better guards in Atlanta. Calhoun is fearless in match-ups and is not afraid to get physical with the opposition. He attacked with confidence and scored at the rim with ease. A big year and opportunity awaits him at North Gwinnett this season. - Justin Young
Tim Cameron, Norcross, SG, 2015
Cameron is a big combo guard that showed a good ability to score, distribute, and lead. He plays the game at a very high pace and uses both of his hands very well. At one point in the camp, he hurt his dominant right hand and showcased his ability to use his left hand well. Cameron did a little bit of everything this weekend. He shot it well, showed his athletic ability by throwing down dunks, and defended tenaciously. There is not a glaring weakness in his game. Look for him to jump onto a lot of radars this season, possibly getting looks from some high majors. - Carter Wilson
Drue Drinnon, East Jackson, CG, 2018
The talented young guard is already pulling in offers as a freshman and you can expect that trend to continue as more coaches see him in action.   The freshman from East Jackson consistently made shots at the Fall Preview no matter who he was matched up against.   Get to know his name because you can expect to hear it a lot when people talk recruiting in Georgia the next four years.  - Winston Neal
Lane Foster, Berkmar, PG, 2016
He surprised me. Has a great build and a high motor. Thought he was tenacious around the ball and had a good ability to the rim and finish through contact. Want to see more perimeter skills, but those will come with experience. The key for Foster will be his development this season at Berkmar. If he can build off what the he did at the Fall Preview, he'll be a Division I prospect. - Kory Keys
Rayshaun Hammonds, Norcross, PF/SF, 2017
Hammonds was a trending player on Sunday because he was one of the toughest players to defend amongst the campers. At 6-foot-7, the sophomore can stretch the floor on offense by knocking down the midrange shot and being a factor out to the three-point line. Defensively, his length gave the campers trouble. A big year awaits at Norcross, one of the staples in Georgia high school basketball. - Justin Young
Bebe Iyola, Greenforest, C, 2017
The 6-foot-8 post player is a veteran of The Preview series of camps and he does what he does well - runs the floor, blocks shots, grabbed rebounds and serves the role of post player quite well. Not sure there was a more active post player at the camp than Iyola. His foot was on the gas pedal from tip to finish. - Justin Young
Will Jerrell, Crawford County, SG, 2016
The young man from Middle Georgia had his coming out party Sunday and had everyone at camp buzzing about his play.   He showed the ability to consistently make 3’s while also displaying the athleticism to get to the rim and finish with dunks.   The best part of his game is his motor, he goes all out all the time.   Programs that put an emphasis on defense or pressing will want to make him a priority in the 2016 class.   Expect every LM/MM program in the Southeast to offer soon with the MM+/HM programs tracking his development this year.   For the coaches looking for directions to Crawford County, head south to Macon and turn right.   The small town has produced D1 players before in Kenny “Sky” Walker and Lehmon Colbert. - Winston Neal
Jalen Jordan, Rockdale County, CG, 2016
Jordan showed his ability to play both with the ball and off the ball. With the ball, he played well in ball screen situations where he made great reads, found his teammates, and scored coming off of screens. Playing off the ball, Jordan showcased his ability to spot up and shoot it from the perimeter. He was one of the best shooters of the day. His name was being echoed throughout the gym all day with his play. Low to Mid Major coaches should be on the lookout for him this year. - Carter Wilson
Davion Mitchell, Liberty County, CG, 2017
Liberty County has a long history of producing Division 1 players and Davion Mitchell is the next in line.   The young combo guard already has a college-ready body as a sophomore and a knack for making plays.   MM & MM+ programs would do well to start tracking this young man as he develops. - Winston Neal
Khavon Moore, Macon Westside, SF/PF, 2018
Meet one of Georgia's most intriguing prospects. He has yet to play a high school game but the buzz going into the season is hot. Moore can handle the ball and attack with speed like a seasoned guard. His length is unique and covers a lot of ground with the dribble from top of the key to the iron. Versatility is the foundation of his game. For fear of over-hyping, I say this with some reservation but optimism: Moore is one of the very best long term prospects in the state of Georgia. - Justin Young
Derric Patton, Carroll(Ozark) AL, SG, 2016
Explosive athlete. Another smaller guard with a great build. One of the best leapers at the event. Did a great job getting to the rim and exploding towards it with the ability to finish through contact. Much like Foster, I want to see more perimeter skills down the road. But he was definitely a surprise standout. I'll be interested to see where he goes from here. Being one of the few, if not the only, out-of-state kid at the event, he was an unknown commodity coming in. His development this high school season will be one to monitor. - Kory Keys

Christian Turner, Sandy Creek, PG, 2016
Loved his build for a point guard. Thick, with good body control. Has plus ball handling skills to go along with good vision. Thought he was the best point guard of the day. Seemed to have a capable perimeter stroke, but it's something I'd like to see more out of him. If he continues to develop, high-majors will need to start taking notice. - Kory Keys



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