Gibbons: Wolves dominate 13U division


SUWANEE – When the Wellington Wolvesmade the decision to play in the Bob Gibbons Tournament of “Future” Champions tournament they were looking to measure their skills against teams outside of Florida.

The Wolves got their answer Sunday when it beat the Georgia Spartans White in merciful fashion to secure the 13U championship at Suwanee Sports Academy. Trenton Frazier was named the games Most Valuable Player for the tournament. This is the second such award for the guard this season.

Winning Gibbons’ TOC was the fifth consecutive tournament title for the South Florida organization.

“We keep our expectations with them,” coach Greg Medor said after the win. “People have been telling us were doing a good job in Florida and winning tournaments but I wanted to make sure we were going to be challenged.”

The challenge the Wolves were staring in the face was to get through the whose-who of travel basketball in Atlanta. Wellington had to play the CP# All-Stars, Atlanta Celtics JE, Worldwide and the Spartans White. Those who know the basketball landscape would have predicted any of the Wolves opponents to emerge as champions, but the Florida organization had other plans.

Wellington opened up against the CP3 All-Stars on Saturday morning, which was Medor’s concern because his team does not play well in the morning. They managed to get through that game only to have to play the Celtics coached by Jody Evans, which has dominated teams in the Peach State. The Wolves did not flinch beating the Celtics for a Final Four matchup againstWorldwide.

This became a concern for Medor and assistant coach Terrance Atkinson as the Renegades held a significant size advantage. The coaches realized they needed to make a defensive adjustment to neutralize Worldwide’s height. Those changes were made to help the Wolves advance to the Finals against the Spartans.

“After that game, I was confident in our team winning the title,” Medor said.

Considering the opponent those were bold feeling by Medor. The Wolves were playing the Spartans White team, which have dominated opponents with the likes of Eric Snow Jr. andJordan Goldwire running the show. This did not matter to the Wolves.

Wellington jumped out on the Spartans with the help of Christopher Marzouca who is the team’s deadly shooter. It did not matter where he was getting the ball it was going up and through the basket. Whenever they needed a spark, Kendall Williams came off the bench to provide the energy and defensive intensity that would help transform the team. Offensively, they would call on their cleanup man Lavorris Givins. He would corral any missed shots by his teammates to give them more opportunities to score.

The game was called because of the significant deficit.

“As a coach, you always want to make it to the finals,” Medor said. “That is the main goal.”

Winning the championship helped the South Florida crew complete their mission.

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