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Fastbreak Friday: We are in the THICK OF IT for visit season

20, Sep 2023

Fastbreak Friday: We are in the THICK OF IT for visit season

Here we are - smack dab in the middle of visit season. College basketball prospects have been hot on the travel tour this month and this weekend is no different with players scheduled to be on campuses big and small. 

Per usual, we dive into the notable trippers and offer up some insight to who is going where. 


The bayou is going to be bumpin’ again this weekend after recently being one of the campuses of the weekend. 

The Tigers are slated to host a trio of HoopSeen favorites when Gicarri Harris, RJ Jones and Rakease Passmore come to town. All of them rank within our top-100 for the 2024 class. 

LSU hosts Arkansas on the gridiron that weekend. 

JOSH TEC’S VISITOR TO WATCH: Curtis Givens, Memphis

One of the best available point guards in the 2024 class, Curtis Givens is one to watch this weekend. 

Givens is originally from Memphis, so that adds some intrigue to the visit. After having been to LSU, Texas and Indiana already, his hometown program is getting the last visit, which has been the plan all along according to reports.


Let’s get outside of the Power Conferences for a second. We should be talking about two significant visitors from the state of Florida here. And two programs that we know will be a problem in the post-season. 

Let’s start with Indiana State. Head coach Josh Schertz won 337 games at Lincoln Memorial and established the program as one of the truly elite programs in college hoops. He's taken over Indiana State, winning 23 games in 2022-23 and put the Sycamores into the postseason (CBI). Looking to contend at the top of the Missouri Valley Conference, Indiana State is now recruiting at a level that could help the program compete in the NCAA Tournament. 

Point in case, Ethan Lathan is scheduled to be on campus this weekend. He’s a top 100 recruit from the state of Florida and Indiana State is battling with high-majors for his commitment. Suffice it to say, that if he picks Schertz and the Sycamores, this will be one of the most important recruits in school history. 

Moving up to Iona, the Gaels will host Malik Abdullahi for an official visit. He’s one of the most competitive forwards in the nation. Abdullahi is a motor man extreme. He’s carved out a niche for himself as a great counterpiece to Cameron Boozer at Columbus High School in Miami. 

Abdullahi would be a terrific non-region addition for new head coach Tobin Anderson. 


Gicarri Harris, LSU: This is the last scheduled stop for 2024 G Gicarri Harris as far as we know. LSU has been one of the schools prioritizing him the longest. They’ve been multiple staff members deep for Harris during various live period events.

Micah Smith, Clemson: 2024 F Micah Smith has been much talked about during Fastbreak Friday. He’s been on several late-summer visits, and his journey is winding down with a trip to Clemson. The Tigers have had a lot of success in the Peach State over the years. More specifically, they’ve landed plenty of skilled forwards from the area. Smith could be next in that lineage. 

Braedan Lue, Georgia: 2024 F Braedan Lue is scheduled to visit UGA. He’s one of the state’s best available prospects. Lue also plans to visit Georgia State within the next few weeks. Reading the tea leaves would have one assume that he’s favored to stick around the Peach for college. 


Cincinnati has a big weekend with 2024 G Jase Richardson and 2025 F Sadiq White coming to campus. Wes Miller and company have been in on some big-time prospects since taking the reins. With the move to the Big 12, the Bearcats are taking the necessary recruiting swings. 

One More Thing....

It is now being reported that Cooper Flagg—the No. 1 player in the 2024 class—will be taking an official visit to UConn. The reigning champs are among three schools that Flagg plans on visiting with Duke and Kansas being the other two. 

Flagg is originally from Maine, so the Northeast ties could land the 6-foot-9 wing in Storrs. 

While Duke is widely considered to be the favorite to land Flagg, the fact that UConn is in this position speaks to the job that Dan Hurley and his staff have done in regard to repositioning the brand as one of the nation’s powers.

Aleks Alston - Indiana 2025
Boogie Fland - Alabama
Braedan Lue - Georgia
Brandon Stores Jr. - Georgia Tech
Brayden Burries - SDSU
Brody Kozlowski - Nevada
Caleb Holt - Georgia
Cam Miles - Samford
Cameron Boozer - Kentucky 2025 official
Carmelo Adins - West Virginia
Cayden Boozer - Kentucky 2025 official
Chris Cenac - LSU 2025 unofficial
Christopher Cox - Utah State
Curtis Givens - Memphis
David Punch - TCU
Derik Queen - LSU
Eddie Smajic - Iowa 2026
Ethan Lathan - Indiana State
Gicarri Harris - LSU
Gob Gob - West Virginia
Isaac Carr - Oregon 2025
Jackson Keith - Virginia 2025
Jael Martin - UC Davis
Jalin Bethea - Alabama
Jase Butler - Illinois
Jase Richardson - Cincinnati
Jayan Walker - Marshall
Jayden Quaintance - Missouri
Jeremiah Fears - Tennessee 2025
Jerry Easter - Michigan State 2025 unofficial
Jinup Doboul - West Virginia
Jordan Scott - Washington 2025 UO
Josiah Moseley - Villanova
K.J. Tenner - Rice
Kash Polk - LSU 2025 unofficial
Kayde Dotson - Texas State
Khani Rooths - Florida State
Labaron Philon - Kansas
Latrell Almond - Virginia 2025
Malachi Moreno - Notre Dame

Maleek Thomas - Penn State 2025 unofficial

Malik Abdullahi - Iona
Micah Smith - Clemson
Nate Ament - Virginia 2025
Nicolas Codie - LSU

Niko Bundalo - Penn State 2025 unofficail

Parker Jefferson - LSU 2025 unofficial

R.J. Jones - LSU
Rakease Passmore - LSU

Randy Livingston, Jr. - LSU 2026 unofficial

Sadiq White - Cincinnati

Semetri Carr - Washington 2025 unofficial

Tim Winkler - Michigan 2026

Tounde Yessoufou - Washington 2025 unofficial

Travis Perry - Missouri
Tre Johnson - Baylor
Trent Burns - Xavier
Trent Noah - Butler (20th)
Trent Noah - South Carolina
Trent Sisley - Indiana 2025
Tyler Betsey - Cincinatti

Josh Tec

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