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17U HoopSeen Association Power Rankings - May 4, 2022

4, May 2022

17U HoopSeen Association Power Rankings - May 4, 2022

For the most part, the HSA standings haven’t seen much altering aside from one major change. After clamping down on teams and thumping their way to an undefeated Bama Jam outing, the Atlanta Allstars have jumped to the top spot in our rankings. They were previously No. 5 a week ago, but with their 6-1 overall record, and their average margin of victory, it’s no surprise to see the jump they’ve made. 


With no new data coming until after the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, the only update for the next week or so will be at the top with the Allstars, but post-Gibbons, three should be some major movement for us to discuss in our next look at the HSA Standings. 

2023 Atlanta AllStars (HSA)

2023 | Atlanta, GA

POWER Rankings



  1. Atlanta Allstars (6-1)


Signature Win: Minnesota Comets, 57-37, Grassroots Showcase. 

Tec’s Take: Last week, in his assessment of these Allstars, Justin Young mentioned balance as one of his first talking points. I have to follow in his footsteps in that regard because there aren’t many more teams that have the depth and balance that the Allstars do. From top to bottom, this group is a team in the truest sense of the word. They play together, there’s no ego, there’s no selfishness, and they’ve bought into coaching and defending as a unit. That brings me to what I was impressed with thee most at Bama Jam. This team’s defense. Nothing comes easy with the Allstars. They do a great job as limiting paint touches and forcing teams to lean on taking long jumpers. If you do make it towards basket, they swarm you, and they always have a shot blocker around the basket. Another thing they do well is eliminate second-chance points. More often than not, their opponents get one chot and one shot only. Cracking the 50-point threshold doesn’t happen often against the Allstars. If you’ve done it, be proud because you’re one of the few.  - Josh Tec

Stockriser: Brigham Rogers. In our last update, I talked about how Rogers would add to his list offers by summer’s end. Well, how about by week’s end instead? Since he picked up Toledo and Lipscomb in the last HSA Standings Report, Rogers has added Indiana State and Belmont to his list. Both were in Louisville watching the Allstars at the Grassroots Showcase. At Bama Jam, Rogers put together another stellar weekend. By the time we update the HSA Standings Report—after Bob Gibbons—I wouldn’t be surprised to be talking about Rogers’ list of suitors having grown again. He’s one of the hottest prospects in the south. - Josh Tec

Next in Line: Brandon Rechsteiner has broken out, the big guys—Brigham Rogers, Spencer Elliott and Dylan Faulkner—have seen upticks in their recruitments. Who’s next? I have to tab Mason Etter as the next Allstar to take off. The 6-foot-5 guard has the tools. He’s a smart player that shoots the ball well from all over the floor. Etter is a quiet killer. He goes out there, takes care of business, and before you know it, he’s hung double-digits on the board. After Bama, I want to add Shaun Nichols to this because I’ve fielded a lot of questions from college coaches about impactful players in the 2022 class, and I’ve returned Nichols as a player to get eyes on. Long, with a good feel for the game on both ends of the floor, Nichols feels like a can’t-miss for a school looking for a player that can come in and compete early in his career. Where I think he can shine immediately is as a defensive stopper and boost of energy off the bench.  - Josh Tec


Team Trezz -Williams

2023 | Rocky Mount, NC

POWER Rankings



  1. Team Trezz (10-1)


Signature Win: 3D Empire, 59-54, Grassroots Showcase.

JY’s take: When you look at this team you see the length right away. The roster is full of dudes who can guard multiple positions and cause problems all over the floor on the defensive end of the floor. I think that’s why they’ve had the success they’ve had so far. They know how to work switches and how to guard inside and out. They showed their value in their hot stretch at the Carolina Jam and into the Grassroots Showcase. Their only loss in that stretch was to Mid Pro, arguably the top overall team in the Grassroots Basketball Association. I’m looking forward to seeing them at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions. That platform honors winners. How will they withstand the grind of that bracket? - Justin Young 

Stockriser: Trey Byrd has been the major stockriser to this point. He was sensational in Louisville and was recognized as a top performer. He’s got tantalizing size and length. We’ve seen him use both to assert himself on both ends of the floor. Byrd’s athleticism is off the charts too. If you let him get out in transition, you’ll see him soar. What made him particularly great in Louisville was some of the skill work he showed off. Byrd shot the ball well from the perimeter, made some high-level passes and reads, and showed a generally well-rounded skillset. - Josh Tec

Next in Line: Torey Alston and Tymaureon Outlaw are no-brainers to break out next. One could argue that they have already started to, but I think both will generate even more buzz as the summer goes on. Both have next-level size, length and athleticism. Alston falls in line with Byrd in terms of skillset. Rangy, disruptive wing/forward who generates a lot of deflections and excels in the open court. Outlaw is imposing and physical. When he goes up for a dunk, you worry about the rim. - Josh Tec


2023 Florida PRO (HSA)

2023 | Fort Myers, FL

POWER Rankings



  1. Florida Pro (3-1)


Signature Win: George Hill All Indy, 43-40, Grassroots Showcase. 

JY’s take: You know Florida PRO will also have a squad that competes and they’ll always have a player who surprises college coaches with their ability. This PRO team is an interesting one. We saw their team get better each and every game out at the Grassroots Showcase. In a matter of four games, they figured some things out and ended the action with a lot of optimism. What lies in store for them moving forward? Don’t be surprised if the roster has a couple more changes and their wins even more convincing in the process. - Justin Young
Stockriser: De’Shayne Montgomery opened some eyes with his play last weekend at the Grassroots Showcase. In big wins over George Hill Indy, 3D Empire, and Gain Elite, Montgomery was the best player for Florida Pro. The 6-foot-4 wing is an incredible athlete that makes a lot of his plays above the rim. In the game against 3D Empire, he had at least three consecutive slams to get his team going. Montgomery is a force to reckon with on the defensive end, too. There will rarely be a time you look up and see him just standing around on defense; he is locked in, bouncing around, and jumping the passing lanes each possession. The steals he generates lead to points in transition, where he really shines. - Brianna Patton

Next in Line: Carl Parrish is a quick, playmaking guard that can get hot from three quick. I first saw him at City of Palms back in December where I watched him knock down five consecutive 3-pointers. Parrish has a solid handle which pairs well with his quickness. He has the ability to blow by defenders with his quick first step and can stop on a dime to rise up for a pull up jumper. Look for Parrish to make some noise in our upcoming events. - Brianna Patton


2023 Team Knight 17u 3SSB (HSA)

2023 | Tamarac, FL

POWER Rankings



  1. Team Knight (4-0)


Signature Win: All Alabama, 65-62, Atlanta Jam.

BP’s Take: This Team Knight squad has multiple athletic wings that can go get a bucket and defend. Led by the backcourt of Eduoard and Vedrine, a lot of their scoring comes from their guard play. This team likes to get up and down, and play aggressive on the defensive end with hopes of getting out in transition. I’m looking forward to watching this team play against some of the NY2LA teams in upcoming events. - Brianna Patton 

Stockriser: Derrick Eduoard had a great showing at our Atlanta Jam a few weeks back where he averaged 16.5 PPG, 4 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 assists. The 6-foot-4 wing has good positional size and the shooting touch to score from different spots on the floor. He can also play both guard spots and defend multiple positions on the ether end. - Brianna Patton

Next Up: Eduoard’s backcourt mate, Joshua Vedrine, can be a powerful force on both ends. 6-foot-4 with a strong frame, Vedrine can punish guards once he gets in the lane. He utilizes his strong upper body to attack the rim and finish through contact. When he gets a full head of steam and gets downhill, watch out. 8/10 times he is getting ready to rise up and throw it down. His physicality and motor show through his activity level on the boards. - Brianna Patton 


1 of 1 Elite

2023 | Charlotte, NC

POWER Rankings



  1. 1 of 1 (3-2)


Signature Win: 3D Empire, 59-58, Grassroots Showcase. 

JY’s Take: They made their HoopSeen debut on the grandest of stages at the Grassroots Showcase and didn’t disappoint. Thanks to viral hooper Mikey Williams, the crowds came out and so did the TikTok reels. Take away the pomp and circumstance that comes with all of that, we saw some good things from the Charlotte-based indy squad. The backcourt anchored by the upside of a guy like John Butler really stood out to the basketball purists. There is some high-level talent here and it seems like the group is starting to find it’s stride. With playmakers and slashers on the roster, this is a team who can and should do some major work in the months ahead at events like Bob Gibbons and the Best of the South. - Justin Young
Stockriser: If you’ve paid close attention to travel basketball this spring you got the feeling that Derin Saran, Turkish PG from Asheville School, was trending upward. He is a smart ball-handler and decision-maker as the pilot of this talented team. Talented mid-major programs are taking notice and offering him scholarships right now, a rare thing for the majority of the class of 2023 prospects. Saran has good size, good smarts and good momentum going into the summer. 

Next Up: Is it possible to be a nationally recognized prospect but also be considered Next Up? For John Butler, it may be the case. He never fully unleashed his high potential at the Grassroots Showcase because the ball sometimes got stuck in the highlight machine. When he did have his moments, you saw why so many people are so high on the 6-foot-10 forward. He’s primed for a signature event and don’t be surprised if that comes in the coming months. 


Josh Tec

Josh Tec is a Georgia State graduate with a degree in journalism. Tec aspires to work in basketball media as his career continues. At Georgia State, he graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors and was recognized as a leader in the classroom. Outside of basketball, Tec loves movies and perpetually seeks out his next favorite film.