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Ball4Lyfe, Florida Pro, Blake Wilson and more shine on Friday at the 2023 Atlanta Jam

21, Apr 2023

Ball4Lyfe, Florida Pro, Blake Wilson and more shine on Friday at the 2023 Atlanta Jam

SUWANEE, Ga—We. Are. LIVE. That’s right, folks. The first live period of the season is underway. Coaches from all levels are slated to come through Suwanee Sports Academy this weekend and join the HoopSeen team for a packed event. 


Ball4Lyfe balls out

Ball4Lyfe is a shining example of why I love Florida hoops. I know that when I go to Florida for work that I’m going to find some new-to-me hoopers. 

Ball4Lyfe provided me with plenty of new names for my notebook and new names to suggest to coaches. 

They opened the weekend with a big-time win, and Ryan Weiss was the leader of the charge. Let me tell you, coaches need to get here to see him this weekend. He’s a quality shotmaker with good size at 6-foot-5. I might have seen him miss two shots the entire game, and he got a variety of them up. Threes, mid-range, off the catch, with movement, etc. The guy just fills it up. 

Elsewhere on the team, Jeremiah Police put on a show with his above-the-rim athleticism. The 6-foot-6 forward put the rims to the test early. He’s a high flyer, there’s no doubt about that. 


Florida Pro reloads

It’s like clockwork. Florida Pro has another team with dudes. They always do. No matter what, they reload. They have sleepers too. This program does a great job at identifying and developing players. 

Marvin Golf plays so hard, man. Good things happen as a result. He makes winning plays. It’s a unique combo of smooth and gritty. If my information is correct, he’s an unsigned senior that can help a program pick up some extra possessions in games, therefore, pick up some extra wins on their schedule. 

As the spring and summer progress, I’m interested to follow Jeremy Elyzee. He fits the blueprint of some of the Florida Pro guys we’ve seen in the past. He’s about 6-foot-6 with good length on the wing. Physical tools aside, Elyzee impressed as a playmaker when he had the ball in his hands. He loves to share the ball and makes the right play more often than not. 

Stone Bureau is a guy that has impressed me in different settings since last year. Tonight, it was his ability to get to his jumper and hit tough shots. Bureau is all-around good at the PG spot though. He defends, rebounds, passes, he just does a little bit of everything. 

Adrian Shackleton and Kaiden Francis led in scoring. 

Here’s the thing with Florida Pro, they always get better as the season goes on. This Florida Pro was solid, but as the year turns to summer, this team will be even more dangerous. 


Blake Wilson shines with Atl Pivot Elite 

Atl Pivot had a dominant win on Friday night, and 6-foot-5 forward Blake Wilson starred in the game. He has made tremendous strides physically and in terms of his play on the court. 

Wilson has added muscle to his long frame, and it seems like that’s helped him a ton. He’s more physical, he’s more confident. He can be a presence around the basket, and he can step out and serve as a perimeter threat as well. His versatility shines through on both ends of the floor too. 

In the win, he finished with 20 points, and he showed that he should be a target for college coaches out there. 

I know the recruiting landscape is different. It’s like everything is pushed back a bit, so he might not catch on this April, but by the time the summer ends, I expect to see Wilson have some offers come through. 


South Georgia Elite was elite

I mean, South Georgia Elite’s 16U team was already good, but they were elite defensively on Friday night. They added more length to help with that, but the guy that I couldn’t stop watching was Hezekiah Kent

A 2026 forward, Kent has been playing up this season, and he’s been outstanding. His ability to dominate the glass is special. Kent gets his hands on every rebound on both ends of the floor. He holds teams to one shot while securing multiple shots for his team. 

That’s a big piece in their defense. 

Chris Perry is another 2026 playing up, and he provides versatility to this defense. He’s long, he moves well, and he can cover a lot of ground. 

This team will be in some rock fights this season, but they have an identity, and you’re going to have to beat them at their own game to come out on top against them. 


More quick hitters

The League out of Texas had a nice showing in a weekend-opening win. Jonathan Bradford led with 15. 

Kenneth Chime continues his great spring with another solid outing for Play With Heart. The big man has been producing on a week-by-week basis. 

The Tennessee Tigers pick up a big win to start the weekend. Jaden Clark and Parker Robison were standouts. Clark led with 19 points. Robison added 10 and was one of the better pure point guards I saw. This team has a roster full of college players. 


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