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HoopSeen Search makes recruiting simpler and more efficient for college coaches by streamlining mountains of recruiting data in order to put relevant prospect information at any coaching staff's fingertips anytime they need it, anywhere in the world.  

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Most online recruiting databases collect information on thousands of prospects and charge those prospects to display their profile in their recruiting database.  The problem for college coaches is there is no way to filter who is a good prospect for his level of school - It's just data without intelligence and the last thing college coaches need is more data to filter through. 

The HoopSeen Search database is different because we provide to the intelligence needed to make it effective for a college coach to use.  Not any player can join, only players we add to the database because we believe they can play at the next level.  More importantly we include our own evaluations of players and then provide a number of tools for coaches to use to hone in on and keep up with the progress of prospects that are the best fit for their program.