HoopSeen Atlanta Jam

Atlanta Jam Mosaic

Event Details

Dates April 27-29, 2018
Age Groups 8th - 11th Grade 
Cost $495
Location Suwanee Sports Academy  & HS Gyms
Admission $12/day (12&Under Free)
Registration Deadline April 10th
Schedule Release April 23th 

Last year's HoopSeen Atlanta Jam was one of the top tournaments in the country during the first NCAA Spring Evaluation period.  The event was attended by over 120 teams and over 200 college coaches.  This event sold-out last year and will likely sell out again this year. Please register early. 

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Housing Information

We have worked with many local hotels to negotiate the best rates in the area during HoopSeen tournament weekends.  Our Housing Bureau portal allows teams to conveniently find all the information on area hotels as well as reserve rooms online.  Out-of-town teams are required to book their rooms through our housing bureau in order to compete in the tournament.

NCAA Certification - NEW FOR 2017

The NCAA Certification and Approvals Group will be launching a BRAND NEW Basketball Certification System (BBCS) for the 2017 year.  


USAB License Required for BBCS Access

Until you have obtained a USAB GOLD License, you WILL NOT be able to perform any activity in the BBCS beyond creating a user account.  This mean that you WILL NOT be able to:


  • Search for other coaches or athletes;
  • Create a BENCH of participants;
  • Create a ROSTER to participate in an event; 
  • Apply to request NCAA certification of an event or league.


It will no longer be permissible for a team administrator who is not approved as a coach to enter information into the BBCS.

 Do NOT Procrastinate!

You should allow a minimum of THREE WEEKS to complete the required USAB GOLD Licensing process.  You need to also allow yourself more time to complete the educational requirements.  There are 3 educational videos that are part of the GOLD license that you will have to complete.  These courses are more robust than what we have had in the past.  You cannot click through them or have them on in the background because if you do not pass the quiz at the end, you will have to start the quiz over again.  And remember, you will not be issued your GOLD License until you have successfully completed these educational videos. 

Further, until ECAG has validated your USAB GOLD License number AND verified that you are eligible to participate in NCAA-certified events/leagues within the BBCS, you will be denied access to complete any of the activities required of coaches/operators.

If you wait until right before an event to begin this process, you will more than likely NOT BE CLEARED IN TIME TO COACH in the event, which may mean YOUR TEAM WILL LOSE THE OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE DUE TO YOUR FAILURE TO PLAN AHEAD.


For Your Information

USAB GOLD License Application


  • To apply, go to www.usab.com/ncaalicense
  • Be sure to indicate that you will participate in NCAA-certified activities on your USAB application.
  • FAILURE to identify yourself as a participant in NCAA-certified activities on your USAB application will prevent you from accessing the required COACHES/OPERATORS sections in the BBCS resulting in your inability to operate an NCAA-certified event/league or coach in an NCAA-certified event.
  • Need help? Call 1-844-562-6201 and press Option 4.


The USAB GOLD License application fee is $55 annually for US applicants and $77 for                          international applicants (plus additional background check fees if applicable) and will include your educational requirements AND your Verified Volunteers background check.  NOTE : Some states and/or counties charge a fee to access your records and you will be required to pay these pass-through fees when you complete the Verified Volunteers portion of the application.  These fees will be paid to the state/county and cannot be avoided.


  • Applicable Counties: Several counties in Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
  • Applicable States: Colorado, Main, Montana, New York, South Dakota, and Vermont.
  • To view application fees: County and State pass-through fees.  County fees are on pages 1-3.  State fees are on page 4.



After obtaining the USAB GOLD License, the coach receives the following benefits for the season:


  • Recognized Affiliation - ability to promote as a USAB GOLD Licensed coach
  • Coaching & Safety Education - Training through specialized USA Basketball and U.S. Olympic Committee courses
  • Youth Development Guidebook - a 400-page guide to COACHING including a robust player development curriculum
  • License Card - the official photo identification card issued by USA Basketball
  • Digital Locator - listing on the USA Basketball digital platform for visibility to parents, players, coaches and other administrators
  • Insurance - general liability insurance to help protect the coach
  • Tools & Resources - exclusive access to COACHING videos, webinars and other materials through USA Basketball
  • Appreciation Offers - preferred access and special discounts to attend select live USA BasketballYouth Development events

NCAA Eligibility


While a USAB GOLD License is required to operate an NCAA-certified event or league, participate in coaching activities or sit on the team bench at an NCAA-certified event, the license on its own does NOT make one NCAA-eligible.  The NCAA reserves the right to withdraw current or deny future opportunities to participate in or benefit from the NCAA-certification and approval process if he/she fails in any of the following areas:


  • Terms of Participation (Attestations).  FAILURE to comply with any of the ECAG terms of participation agreed to when completing any of the online process required in the BBCS.
  • NCAA Requirements.  FAILURE to comply with NCAA legislation, guidelines and requirements.
  • Unethical Conduct and/or Participation in a Violation.  Participation in unethical activities and/or a violation(s) of NCAA legislation/requirements including, but are not limited to, involvement in:
    1.  A violation of NCAA legislation/requirements;
    2.  Fraudulent activities;
    3.  Misconduct in the NCAA certification and approval process or activities associated with  those processes;
    4.  Influencing others to furnish the NCAA false or misleading information;
    5.  Any activity conducted with intent to otherwise deceive.
  • Required Cooperation.  FAILURE to cooperation with the NCAA in regards to possible NCAA rules violations, even if the violations are unrelated to Basketball Certification or Recruiting/Scouting Services rules and guidelines.  FAILURE to cooperate could include, but would not be limited to, the FAILURE to:
    1. Provide relevant information;
    2. Provide complete and accurate information;
    3. Provide supporting documentation requested by the NCAA staff;
    4. Respond to inquires in a timely manner.
  • Provision of False Misleading Information.  FAILURE to provide complete and accurate information to the NCAA or the provision of false and misleading information to the NCAA in an investigation, in obtaining certification or approval, in participating in activities associated with the NCAA or to circumvent NCAA legislation/requirements.

NCAA BBCS System for Coaches and Player Rosters: http://bbcs.ncaa.org 

NCAA Certification Websites: http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/basketball-certification

NCAA Certfication ECAG Users Manual: http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2017ECAG_Manualbig_20170221.pdf



Team Check-in

All Teams MUST check-in prior to the first game.  Teams will need the following items at check-in and will need to have access to until the event concludes:

1. Complete and print Roster

2. Copy of each player's Birth Certificates

3. Copy of each player's Grade Report

4. Copy of a complete pre-printed score sheet found below (Players Names and # required)

5. Each coach must check in with ID

6. Coach's name and certificate # must be on team roster to receive band

7. Coaching bands are to be worn the entire weekend.

8. Teams that fail to check-in will not be allowed to play.


Teams will ONLY be allowed to check-in at the Locations listed below:


Suwanee Sports Academy 

3640 Burnette Rd 

Suwanee, GA 30024


Gym Locations & Key

SSA 1-7

Suwanee Sports Academy

3640 Burnette Road

Suwanee, GA 30024