Jai Smith

Durham, NC
6' 9"
HoopSeen Rankings


ASHEVILLE, NC - The latest edition of The Carolina Corner is out this week after a week off from our historic Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions.

Jai Smith is a prospect we have talked about quite a bit on HoopSeen. He deserves all of this with his rise in recruitment over the past six months.

One of the hottest prospects in the Southeast, Jai Smith who is currently at Raleigh (NC) Word of God has seen his recruitment steam roll over the last few months.

As we put a bow on the long, strange trip that the 2020 season has been, we wanted to look back on the best of from our platform. 

Jai Smith isn’t originally from the Southeast, but he made himself known to the region at the HoopSeen/Be The Beast Always Live Showcase.

As is the case most HoopSeen events, our underclassmen group of teams and players was impressive.