NextGen Jam

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    February 13 – 14, 2021
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    Boys 5th-8th grades
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    About the Next Gen Jam

    The future of middle school basketball will start at the Next Gen Jam as the elite grassroots programs from across the region will come to compete. As middle school players are turning into the stars of tomorrow, we’ve designed our stage to promote and enhance their abilities. This two day, winter event will preview the competition that awaits in the spring and summer. The Next Gen Jam will host, showcase, and start the story of the basketball’s rising stars.  

    Schedule & Format

    All schedule requests for Next Gen Jam must be sent to us in writing, IMMEDIATELY AFTER registering. Requests sent after the registration WILL NOT be honored. Schedule requests will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that every schedule request may not be able to be accommodated so please be prepared to play Saturday morning at 8am, as well as any other time throughout the weekend.

    Each team is guaranteed at least 3 games.

    Please email schedule requests to

    Team Check-In

    Team coaches can get their coaches bands prior to their first game, at the location of their team's first game. Official Team Check-In will take place at Suwanee Sports Academy from the first game time until 2pm Saturday. ALL teams MUST check-in at Suwanee prior to 2pm on Saturday. Teams that do not check-in at Suwanee will forfeit the remaining games in the Jam. 

    Here are the items needed for Team Check-In.

    • Birth Certificates for EVERY PLAYER
    • Grade Reports for EVERY PLAYER
    • Official US Amateur Basketball Roster Sheet (only players on this roster sheet are eligible to play in the event)

    Each team will be given up to 3 coaches bands. Make sure to keep your coaches bands on all weekend. Coaches who lose their bands MUST PAY. No Coaches bands will be given after 2pm on Saturday.