2018 HoopSeen Fall League

    Event Information

    August 19 – October 14, 2018
    Event Type
    Event Stature
    5th-12th grades
    Entry Cost
    Registration Deadline
    Aug 22, 2018

    Main Event Location

    Event Details

    Teams will compete in a pre-season Fall League hosted by SSA and HoopSeen every Sunday. This league gives school teams an opportunity to play together against other school teams before the winter season begins. If you would like to register in person you may download the registration packet below and bring it to Suwanee Sports Academy or send it via email to dpaccione@hoopseen.com.


    • Boys 5th/6th Grade and 7th/8th Grade teams will start on Sunday August 19th and compete in an 8 game season.
    • High School Girls Teams will start on August 26th and compete in an 8 game season.
    • JV and Varsity Boys Teams will start on August 26th and will compete in a 6 game season. They will also gain entry into our HoopSeen Shootout on October 13th as part of league dues.


    Teams must complete a registration packet and roster upon registering as well as have EVERY player fill out an individual registration form.


    **Divisions must have at least 4 teams**

    **No league games on September 2nd**


    General Rules:

    • A minimum of 4 teams will be needed per division; if a division does not have 4 teams it will be cancelled

    • ALL Team payments must be completed before the first game

    • Forfeited games WILL NOT be made up

    • No Refunds

    • There will be a gate fee for spectators in this league, $4 for Adults $2 for Students. Please inform your parents.

      • Coaches and Players do not pay admission, Coaches Passes will be given to all coaches

    • Boys 5/6th grade will play with a 28.5 intermediate size basketball.

    • Boys 7th and Up will play with a 29.5 basketball


    • Players MUST have a completed individual registration form PRIOR to playing to be eligible

    • Players MUST be on team rosters

    • You may add players at any point by notifying the League Director AND providing a complete individual registration form prior to playing


    • The team listed as “Home” will wear a white or light colored uniform. The team listed as “Visitor/Away” will wear a dark colored uniform

    • Numbers MUST be on the back of the jersey at a minimum

    • No Duplicate Jersey Numbers

    Game Rules:

    • We will follow Georgia High School Rules with the following exceptions:

      • Each team will be allowed 5 minutes warm-up prior to the start of the game

      • Each game will consist of (4) Four, 10 minute running-clock quarters. The clock will stop in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarter

      • Halftime will be 3 minutes

      • Each team will be allowed (4) 30 second timeouts per game

      • Overtime will be 3 minutes with the clock stopping the last minute of the game. Each team will be given 1 timeout. Timeouts do not roll over from regulation

      • Teams will receive a 15 minute grace period after the scheduled game time to field AT LEAST 4 players before a forfeit is declared

      • Free throws:

        • Teams will shoot only 1 free throw for 2 or 3 points

        • And-1’s will automatically be counted (No Free Throw)

      • Middle School League: No pressing when up by 20 or more points; teams may resume pressing if lead is cut to 10 points


    Sportsmanship and Unsportsmanlike Conduct Procedures

    • Players, coaches, team representatives, spectators, and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with a team, as well as contest officials, shall adhere to the principles of good sportsmanship and the ethics of competition before, during and after all contests in which they participate and/or attend. Each participating team and its head coach shall be held strictly accountable for unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of its players, coaches and spectators.

    • A player, coach, team representative or spectator who commits an act of malicious and hateful nature toward a contest official, opponent or any other person attending a game shall be guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • If contestants participate in a bench and/or a bleacher-­clearing fight, both teams will be suspended for the remainder of the league.

    • Two (2) direct technical fouls during a game on a player, coach, or team representative will result in their disqualification for the next game of the league. Fighting and gross unsportsmanlike behavior can be more than one game and is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

    • The player, coach, team representative, or spectator that is disqualified during the course of the game must immediately leave the competition area where he/she is not visible to the athletes, officials, or other spectators and must not have any further contact with or give instruction to athletes or other members of their staff for the remainder of the contest.

    • A player, coach, team representative or spectator that is suspended may not be present in the competition area during the game.

    • The Tournament Director WILL NOT discuss any conflicts with anybody other than the team's head coach or program director.


    Please contact Daniel Paccione with any questions at dpaccione@hoopseen.com or (678) 541-0263